Monday, February 20, 2012

Opponents Milan, Pirlo Reluctant Emotional

MILAN - Milan will face Juventus in Serie A continued on Sunday (26/2) later. Juventus players, Andrea Pirlo, stating when he would not be getting carried away with a sense of emotional in the face of his former club.

As is known, Pirlo knit football career with the Rossoneri for about 10 years. Now, Pirlo will face his former club, but he was reluctant to be too emotional in the game and ready for the professional.

"Coming back to the San Siro will always be an interesting thing. However, I would not be too carried away emotionally because of this game is pretty important for us (Juventus). Moreover, I also do not feel when we become the favorites in the game, "said Pirlo as reported by Football-Italy, Tuesday (21/2012).

In a game this game also Pirlo Milan hope all players can contribute to the fight could take place more attractive. The statement said, hoping that Zlatan Ibrahimovic may appear when the appeal is granted Milan.

"I wish all the best players (in the clubs) can contribute to the game later," he concluded.

This game is going to be a pretty crucial chapters are the strongest candidates for two teams in Serie A title this season. Moreover, Milan for a while at the standings with 50 points from 24 matches, or one point ahead of the new Juve played 23 matches.


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