Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Captain Pearce Announces New Britain Today

LONDON - Caretaker England captain Stuart Pearce to delay the appointment of a new England. Earlier, on Tuesday, February 28 press conference yesterday, Pearce is scheduled to announce the new Three Lions skipper.
"The captain will be announced tomorrow when the team was announced in the morning. That is the format that I have followed the club level and U-21. I see no need for me to change that at this time, "Pearce said as quoted by goal.com, Wednesday (29/02/2012).
Pearce said some of the ideal criteria for an England captain. One of them, later to be the new captain of the player who is respected by fellow Three Lions players.
"The captain should be someone who was in the starting XI, a person who respected other players and someone who is not selfish and put the team above himself. That's the vital commodity of a captain, "explained Pearce.
Some of the names mentioned as a candidate of new England captain Steven Gerrard, Joe Hart, Gareth Barry, and Scott Parker. Pearce will announce the name of the captain on Wednesday at 10 am local time.
"No doubt, there are some candidate. At 10 am (Wednesday is red.), I think we will have a meeting before going to practice, "said England coach 49-year-old.


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