Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reisebus Leverkusen: Rep Barca Drop Us

Leverkusen - Playing in front of the public itself, it did not make the player able to play Bayer Leverkusen trengginas. Even the Reisebus (coach) Leverkusen, Robin Dutt admitted that his team play without courage.
As a result, they will face heavy action in the second leg, beginning next March at the Camp Nou with a 1-3 aggregate defeat. For the team based in North Rhine-Westphalia region, the chance they are almost nil to advance to the round of eight.
Dutt also said, since starting the game, André Schurrle cs was afraid that carried the name of Barcelona, as the rulers of Europe, in recent years. But at least, foster children are slowly able to try to balance the state in the second round.
"Our defense was pretty good in the first half, but we lacked the courage to play against them. We respect and are being a little worried with their aggressiveness, "said Dutt, told Sky Sports, Wednesday (02/15/2012).
"But circumstances change and our game is different in the second half, especially when we issued our character on the field and cause some trouble for Barcelona," said the architect was born in Cologne-Lindenthal.


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