Friday, December 9, 2011

10 Commandments Mourinho

MADRID - What will be Real Madrid to beat Barcelona in a match which the publicawaited the ball across the universe at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on Sunday(11/12) pm dawn the day after tomorrow?

It is noteworthy that under Mourinho, Madrid's only won once in seven meetings withBarcelona. But. Based on the Spanish media based in Madrid and is famous as a pro ElReal, tabloid Marca, Mourinho has given a secret list of 10 given to players in order tosuccessfully beat Barca.

Here are 10 commands list is quoted as saying by Marca:

1. Do not conceded! Especially in the first round.
2. For the fans make hell for the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Barcelona.
3. Do not worry about the referee. But anyway keep careful with the card.
4. Take advantage of the superiority of the Madrid area.
5. Never for one moment lose sight of the ball.
6. Cover all the spaces owned by Barcelona players constantly pressed.
7. Intensity, pressure, verticality, and multiply the rhythm.
8. Work hard to make the Barca players fatigue.
9. Concentration and koordinasikanlah movement with fellow teammates.
10. Believe in yourself! Do not ever hesitate!


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