Monday, December 12, 2011

El Clasico, Bomb in Nigeria Shoot Dad & Son

Lagos - shocking news related to El Clasico comes from Nigeria, reported one person killed and 10 others were wounded by a bomb blast at the three bars in the city of Jos, Nigeria, who were watching the match Real Madrid and Barcelona at the weekend.

"There were three explosions. All bombs targeting to a place that held a watch together the football game, "explained the officer of the Stefanos Foundation, Mark Lipdo, as reported by AFP on Monday (12/12/2011).

"The bomb was detonated outside the place they watch, so it does not cause many casualties. However, one person was killed in the explosion and while others were injured and rushed to the hospital, "he continued.

Lipdo declared out of ten people who were injured, four of whom are in critical condition and there are two people in a coma.

Until now not known who is responsible for the incident. However, a spokesman for State Palteau, Pam Ayuda, suspect the incident was conducted by a group of radicals who often carry out attacks.

Previously, El Clasico match has also been made ​​a child aged 17 years in Angola, Africa, the heart to kill his own father, on Thursday (8 / 12). Both are reportedly involved in a pretty hot debate about the game, and because of the emotions of a child immediately took the gun and shot 48-year-old father as much as two times


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