Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cech regrets Blundernya

LONDON - Chelsea goalkeeper, Petr Cech regret over blunders he made during the Blues matched Wigan 1-1 on Saturday (17/12/2011). Whereas before Chelsea had a goal lead through Daniel Sturridge.

Cech blunder disaster for Chelsea. Precisely at minute 86, originated from the Czech national team goalkeeper dropped the ball catch Hugo Rodallega kick, the ball fell to the feet Jordi Gomez who stood empty in front of goal.

Without difficulty Gomez struck the ball into Cech's goal and change the score to 1-1 until the game ended.

Worse, a draw was made ​​Chelsea's position in the standings board down one rank. Because the day after that, Tottenham Hotspur a 1-0 win success over Sunderland. Raihan three digits make protege Harry Redknapp has collected 34 points or two points ahead of Chelsea.

"In the event of fire (from Hugo Rodallega) I do not see the ball. My teammate menghalagi my view, I lost the ball and catch the ball fell out of me, "Cech-like disitat Tribal Football, Monday (12/19/2011).

Cech adds this result to make his team a little bit left over from the top standings, Manchester City. But a player who always wear protective headgear is trying to forget the incident and looked at an important game in the middle of this week.

"There's a game we have played and we are ready to compete in the London derby against Tottenham, we will defeat him in order to regain third place," he concluded.


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