Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Superb Messi More than Maradona and Pele"

BUENOS AIRES - Argentina's legendary coach, Carlos Bianchi was Lionel Messi feels more powerful than Diego Maradona and Pele. Not only that, because Bianchi also believes that Barcelona's Pep Guardiola era is the best team in world football history.
For matters of individual and collective achievements, Lionel Messi is the leading figure. The game is fantastic to help his team, Barcelona, ​​won various prestigious titles, and earned him an individual, such as the world's best players. The things that made Bianchi a candidate unnerved and Messi on the other players.
"A few days ago I did talk to businesses and a population of Brazil asked me in the middle of the conference, who in my opinion the best in the history of football, Maradona or Pele. I answer it this way, 'with all due respect to both, now I see Messi the most superior of all people, "the story as reported by Bianchi from Goal, Wednesday (12/21/2011).
"There are many wonderful footballer who can not afford to play in a great national team to prove their class. On the basis of what is happening or will happen when she wore a costume of Argentina, Messi mengkonfirasi in every week that he was capable of doing things that no one else in the history of football, "he explained at length.
In addition favored Messi, Bianchi also consider Barcelona, ​​the club where shelter Messi as the best team in the history of football. An aggressive soccer game with high collectivity as shown when the beat Santos 4-0 in the Club World Cup is a valid proof for Bianchi to menasbihkan sebgai Barcelona the best team the world.
"The demonstration of collective-owned Barcelona football while destroying Santos gave me the confidence to put this sentence in a paper (for the article): we (will witness) being the best team in history," he concluded to make a conclusion.


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