Monday, December 12, 2011

Casillas: We Do not be obsessed with Barcelona

MADRID - Real Madrid captain, Iker Casillas had to swallow back a nightmare when his goal burglarized three times by the retainer Barcelona. Despite the bitter and painful, but as captain Casillas invited his colleagues to quickly forget the El Clasico match.
"We do not accelerate (rhythm) and our game (even) playing with mediocre. Barcelona's second goal greatly influence the course of the game and it also affects us, "Casillas said as quoted from the official website of Real Madrid on Sunday (12/11/2011).
Casillas refused to blame certain parties over this defeat, and if indeed there must be to blame then it's not coach Jose Mourinho but the players themselves.
"This defeat hurts because we are in a good momentum and we lost here in the Bernabeu. However, we have been thinking about the Copa del Rey. We were not lucky but that's no excuse, "said Casillas.
Before returning to fight in La Liga against Sevilla on Saturday (17/12) next week, on Tuesday (13/12) the next day, Real Madrid will face the first visit Ponferradina in the Copa del Rey.
"We are a team and should be criticized when it set thy to us all, whether it be good or bad. It is much easier for them when winning 3-1 and obviously it becomes really difficult for us, "added Casillas.
"Our future depends on the Copa del Rey and vital party versus Sevilla. There are still 30's party left in the league, we can not constantly obsessed with Barcelona, "said 30-year-old goalkeeper is.


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