Thursday, December 15, 2011

Call Balotelli Drogba Similar Cantona

LONDON - Didier Drogba had a different view in depicting the figure of Mario Balotelli. According to veteran bomber Chelsea, Balotelli is one player who became his idol.

Since landing in England and played with Manchester City in 2010 and, Belotelli is known as a controversial player. It is based on the act stunned that often showed. Starting from the fray with his teammate, to making a scene during rehearsals.

However, behind the Bengal properties Balotelli, the Italian striker Didier Drogba calling bloody Ghana is one of the players who had great potential. This is indicated by a nested goals in recent matches, including duels against Chelsea despite City eventually had to give up 1-2.

"I knew Balotelli and he is a good figure, a cute teenager. I really liked it, because he is patient and loves football, "said Drogba was quoted Tribalfootball, Thursday (15/12/2011).

"He has a good character for the Premier League, he's like (Eric) Cantona, a figure who was passionate about what he did. I put a great respect for his attitude was, "continued the judge Balotelli Drogba has properties such as Manchester United legend who is also famous for the controversial.

"To know what type of player he is, you should see what it's doing in recent weeks, where he scored many goals for his team. I think, now she has enough to know a lot of competition here, and it indirectly makes it easier (to adapt), "added the 33-year-bomber.


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