Monday, December 12, 2011

Mourinho vows to Madrid go top again next week

MADRID - Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho has promised will soon return to lead the La Liga standings again after Barcelona won last night. The trick, none other than by beating host Sevilla on Saturday (17/12) next week.

"We've got the same points and one party less than Barcelona. Winning in Sevila will make us lead the standings when they entered the Christmas break, "said Mourinho, as quoted from the official website of Real Madrid on Sunday (11/12/2011).

1-3 defeat of Barcelona's eternal enemies painfully obvious. Moreover, the defeat took place at home at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and El Real previously had superior first through Karim Benzema in the 25th second-fastest goal in the history of El Clasico.

"I was sad and quiet. Before the game I would say we are emotionally stable. On the one hand, of course pleased when his team wins while the other party must be sad when losing. (But) we remain stable, "said Mourinho.

Unlike the previous fight, this time a former coach of Inter Milan, Chelsea and FC Porto did not instruct children to play rough with their care-Dachshund Dachshund hard. Madrid last night to play more calmly and 'friendly'.

Barcelona itself will not compete in the Spanish league next week considering they still adhere to the Club World Cup in Japan.

"We lost but still have points in common with our main competitors. We will again be a leader to win the match in Seville, "promised the 48-year-old coach.


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