Thursday, July 28, 2011

Want Milito and Retirement Home in Independiente

BUENOS AIRES - Start entering the age of veterans, Gabriel Milito store wants to end career in his homeland, Argentina. Barcelona central defender plans to return to his first professional club, Atletico Independiente, as well retire there.

As is known, Milito is no longer the top choice in Pep Guardiola's squad. Defender born 30 years ago to compete with the captain Carles Puyol, as well as a younger courtier like Gerard Pique.

Since joining the Barca move from Real Zaragoza, in 2007, now Milito already making plans to continue the gait in their own country. He was determined to return to Independiente, who defended throughout 1997-2003, before actually deciding hanging up his boots.

"I have no desire to return to Independiente and retire there," said Milito on Sport, as reported by Mundoalbiceleste on Thursday (28/07/2011).

"I plan to go back there within the next two years or more. I want to have the physical acumen on his return later. If it does not fit, I better stay away, "said this curly-haired defender.


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