Sunday, January 29, 2012

Praise the Power of Character Matri Juve

Turin - Juventus victory over Udinese hero Alessandro Matri praised his team's strength of character that reacts appropriately when Udinese had equalized. Matri then mention that this season is a year full of emotion for the Bianconeri.
In a match which ended 2-1 to Juventus, Matri showed his class by buying up all the Bianconeri winning goal. Matri goals scored in the 42nd minute and the 62nd, while the goal Udinese Antonio Floro Flores scored in the 56th minute.
"An important test, where we showed great character when reacted over Udinese equalizing goal position," said Matri as quoted from the official website of Juventus on Monday (1/30/2012).
The attacker was 27-year-old Italian did not forget to praise the Juventus coach Antonio Conte strategies that alter the Bianconeri a 3-5-2 formation. This is done to mimic the formation Udinese.
"Coach did a great job and even when we changed our formation we still remain capable of doing the best," said Matri.
Former Cagliari striker was then called the adventures at Juventus this season as a full-color travel. Matri hope Juve trip of the season will end happily.
"In the full emotion. Last year we ended the season not as good as we expected, but now everything goes well, "said Matri.


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