Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Great Manchester derby of El Clasico

MANCHESTER - David Silva was enjoying her career on British soil. Manchester City has now become one of the elite English team. Silva also admitted, the party increasingly fierce Manchester derby, when happened and Silva believes the Manchester derby will be more powerful than El Clásico.

El Clásico between Barcelona vs Real Madrid, often dominate the attention of Europe and the world. But Silva had a dream and is ready to be realized, that he wanted to prove, the Manchester derby duel, not less than cons Madrid Barca party.

The former Valencia star, was a success and quick to adapt to English football. Silva getting comfortable, getting him reluctant to return to La Liga, which he found boring because there are only two great teams only.

"I'm happy at City, I got a good contract for me and my journey with the team running smoothly. I also feel at home in the Premier League and do not feel like returning to play in Spain, "said Silva, like disitat Elcentrocampista, Tuesday (01/24/2012).

"Attention has now increased the Manchester derby and it's important. I am sure will overtake Manchester derby El Clásico fame, in the next few years. Manchester is a city mad ball and I am pleased to see the clubs of Manchester was in the highest league standings, "he concluded.


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