Thursday, January 12, 2012

Barca Official Release Maxwell to PSG

MADRID - Barcelona finally agrees Maxwell desire to move to Paris Saint Germain. Barca were already confirmed, Maxwell has started clearing its contract with the club's Carlo Ancelotti.

"FC Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain have agreed on the transfer of Maxwell with the French club. The Brazilian is going to Paris this evening (local time), with permission of the club to complete his new contract with PSG," demikdian Barca statement on his official website.

"If Maxwell has completed his contract with PSG, then ddia will soon undergo medical tests and the transfer process was completed."

Previously, coach Josep Guardiola said that foster children were already wanting to move to Paris. Pep was immediately gives way to Maxwell to move.

"Maxwell has come to see me, and he told us when he has received an offer from PSG. He also said he would accept the offer," said Pep told AFP on Thursday (1/12/2012). "He wants to go and the club will not hinder his desire," he said.

Maxwell himself was purchased by Barcelona from Inter Milan in the 2009 season. During the defense of the Catalans, Maxwell has been featured as many as 89 times and helped Barca win 10 trophies.


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