Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ability Admire Terry Cahill

LONDON - Chelsea captain John Terry believes his new teammate, Gary Cahill could be inconsistent tandem in line behind the Blues.
Terry was not the first time paired with Cahill at the back, while defending England, the second also had a duet keep the Three Lions defense. Cahill himself had just bought Chelsea from Bolton Wanders earlier this week at a price of $ 7 million pounds.
"First and foremost, he's a great player," said Terry as reported by Sky Sports News, Friday (01/20/2012). "He proved himself worthy in England last year, so he's also great for club level," he added.
"He was the defender really solid, he can play with the left foot and right, he's great in the air and quick, and he also scored many important goals, which can be a key game for us for the rest of this season," explained 30-year-old defender this.
With trafficked Cahill from Bolton, Terry hopes to further strengthen these purchases Chelsea squad and secure the future of the club owned by Roman Abramovich.
"With the arrival of coach at the beginning of the season and perubaha players here and there, we have hope. Anyone who plays, we just want our squad is getting stronger and hopefully secure the future for Chelsea," he said.


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