Thursday, January 12, 2012

Perhaps, Tottenham Premier League Champion Candidate

LONDON - great enthusiasm welled up in Harry Redknapp's chest. Imagine, the squad managed to overcome the resistance of Everton. Points earned three Redknapp at White Hart Lane Tottenham Hotspur deliver equate points with Manchester United.
Spurs and United now both have 45 points and three points adrift with the top standings, Manchester City. Harry Houdini-nickname to see Redknapp, his team has now become the strongest candidate winning the Premier League title this season.
"We are in a position right here with the two Manchester teams now and I want to keep saying, all is still possible for us this season," said Redknapp told ESPN on Thursday (1/12/2012).
Perched on the third making opportunities the Lilywhites to penetrate the Champions League was again wide open. Redknapp returned to his side to remind memelihara0 this opportunity to continue to appear consistent.
"I still say, our primary target back to the Champions League. But if you look at the standings now, we have a chance if we keep menjagnya," added Redknapp.
Well, that ambition is achieved, once again, Redknapp asked his team to minimize the error that is feared could threaten the existence of Tottenham in the top three standings. He hoped, Rafael Van der Vaart et al could make reference Everton match exactly counter to appear consistent.
"Make no mistake, a big win for us. Everton team with attacking game. But we can manage to be in the top position and in the end we reverse the position in another good performance," added Redknapp.
Then what is the secret of victory over his team-nicknamed The Toffes Everton in midweek match this? "The first goal is the key for us and we get one of them, we always felt if we could get a victory," said Redknapp happy.
"Where we can end this season? Who knows. All I knew we could at this moment and if you do not enjoy football and we played at this time, then you get something that is wrong with you," completion.


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