Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Formation Powerful Secrets Racikan Barca Guardiola

Barcelona - Gerard Pique bluntly revealed the secret formation of Barcelona in this 2011/2012 season. Who would have thought, this formation was discovered by Guardiola when the pre-season for Barcelona game too predictable.

Gait Barcelona in the 2010/2011 season produced the Champions League trophy and La Liga Primera. Even so, it does not make Guardiola satisfied that he was creating a new formation that makes Los Azulgrana appear more offensive.

"We started this season with the pre-season, and coach (Pep Guardiola) got the idea because he feels we have been too predictable, everyone knows us and play with everyone behind the ball," said Pique, quoted by Sporting Life, Wednesday, (25/01/2012).

"The idea behind the formation of 3-4-3 is that we prefer to play attacking, giving us more control of the ball, and help us create more scoring opportunities," he added.

This formation is qualified, because with 3-4-3, Barcelona often winning with a big score, which is the most grand slaughter Malaga 4-1 last weekend. Even so, this formation has a side effect to the Barca players.

"You have to be a lot of running. After the game, you will feel more tired because you've done more attacks, and you are attracted to a wider area, "he explained.

Pique admitted himself personally like the formation of this by saying, "It's like giving more punishment to the central defender. That being said (about formations), and this is a very good thing for me personally, because it makes me more free. "


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