Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mourinho and Pepe Guardiola Respond to Action

MADRID - The incident sparked controversy always exists in El Clasico match and the match first leg Copa del Rey last night. He is the Real Madrid defender Pepe is seen stepping on the hands of Lionel Messi in the match that was won by Barca with a thin score 2-1.

This stems from Messi, who was sitting on the ground after being violated Jose Callejon. Pepe then seen walking and stepping on the fingers Messi. Many people who judge should get a penalty Pepe red card from referee, because the action was against Messi in roughly 68 minutes. Unfortunately, the referee did not see the incident and Pepe also escaped punishment.

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho said natural that Pepe received much criticism when it was really happening and deliberately carried out by him. Although, Mou himself did not see the incident.

"I do not see the incident but when it really happens then he (Pepe) deserved criticism," explained Mourinho as quoted by The Guardian, Tuesday (19/01/2012).

Meanwhile, the Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola reluctant to provide comments related to the incident. Just as Mourinho, he also did not witness the incident was conducted by Pepe.

"Pepe? Players talk about the incident neighbor, but I do not see what had happened. Looks like all that is evident in television by the audience, "said Guardiola.


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