Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dissatisfied with the Victory Barca's Abidal

MADRID - Eric Abidal to be decisive in a 2-1 victory over Real Madrid by Barcelona in the Champions first leg of the Copa del Rey. Abidal would judge it a substantial victory for his team in El Clasico match it.

Indeed, in this match victories by barcelona created from two defenders on their own, rather than a player who played in the striker position. One of these is the defender Eric Abidal.

The player who has just extended his contract with Barcelona was able to escape from an offside situation and direct the use of bait Lionel Messi pretty well, so successfully goalkeeper Casillas.

Abidal was immediately vent his joy over the victory by the team. He considered it very significant victory for Barca and that's what they expect. Apart from these results Abidal reminding his colleagues to keep the concentration in the second leg.

"We recently won a victory from a game which is quite large, though not playing at 'home' of our own. This victory is that we want, "he was quoted as saying the United States, Tuesday (01/19/2012).

"But we should not drag on in this victory, because one was the toughest game we will encounter later. (second leg on January 25), "he continued.

Abidal also felt the game against Madrid in the last eight it was quite difficult. However, Abidal was satisfied with his team the game in the second round, so they can win the prestigious game.

"At first we get a variety of difficulties, but in the second half we managed to play pretty well. Slightly different game using five players to survive, "said Abidal. (


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