Sunday, January 29, 2012

QPR players not Want to Shake Hands with Terry

LONDON - Step FA negates the handshake between the players Queens Park Rangers and Chelsea in the FA Cup fourth round at Loftus Road on Saturday (28/01/2012) yesterday because it got a report that the entire QPR players will refuse to shake hands with the captain of the Blues John Terry.
Chelsea captain and England international has been charged with acts of racial told QPR defender Anton Ferdinand when the two clubs met in the Premier League in October last well at Loftus Road. Terry will undergo a trial of the charges in the Court of Westminster on Wednesday (02.01.2012) the day after tomorrow.
During this 31-year-old defender has always emphatically denied he had committed racist to the younger brother of Rio Ferdinand's. Speculation is growing at QPR and Chelsea meet in the same place, whether Ferdinand would shake hands with Terry.
Apparently Ferdinand was determined not to shake hands with Terry. In fact, as reported by The Mail on Sunday, there will be no one QPR player who will shake hands with Terry. This makes the FA to take preventive measures to abolish the handshake between the two teams.
Game itself finally won the Blues 1-0 through Juan Mata scored a controversial penalty.


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