Tuesday, January 24, 2012

City Lazy with Balotelli Penalty Issues

MANCHESTER - Manchester City are reluctant to extend the case of Mario Balotelli who was sentenced to four games since stepping on the head is considered guilty of Tottenham Hotspur player Scott Parker. Assistant coach David Platt said until now it is not currently the subject of discussion club.
"We seem to be without Balotelli in four games," Platt said, as quoted by Rte, Tuesday (01/24/2012).
City still had until tomorrow at 18:00 local time to respond to the FA's decision. And if the City receives the decision, Balotelli certainly will not play in the Carling Cup second leg against Liverpool. But if the appeal is done, Balotelli could be lowered. But it is dangerous because it could be his sentence increased to five games.
Reflecting the case of Vincent Kompany, the City can win the appeal seems pessimistic. City lawsuit over who received a red card against United Kompany rejected. Though many people assume it's not worth the card given to Kompany.
"Sometimes we feel the appeal is useless," said Platt.
Back to the matter of Balotelli, Platt sharply criticized the FA's decision which was considered inconsistent. In a match referee Howard Webb did not react to the incident, but the FA then impose sanctions.
"This is a inkonsistensi.Saya think the referee saw clearly what was happening as I see it. The people saw and did not react, no, even the Tottenham players and staff, "he said.
Platt was deliberately expressed this at the request of Roberto Mancini. The coaches are reluctant to meet with the media directly for fear of the language actually makes the situation more complicated because he did not master the nuances of the English language.
"He talked to me last night and asked me to do this. Many things must be said and we are in a situation where a piece of a sentence can make the problem bigger, "he said.
"Whatever I say today can be reduced and supplemented, and could not reported according to what I say. I'm not talking about people who are here, but they are not here," explained the former Sampdoria player.


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