Thursday, January 19, 2012

Casillas complaining about Mourinho's tactics

MADRID - Defending champion Copa del Rey 2011, Real Madrid had to go back to hand it to Barcelona in the Champions quarterfinal first leg of the Copa del Rey. Madrid had to swallow defeat with the score 2-1. The defeat was immediately led to wonder for Real Madrid goalkeeper, Iker Casillas.

Curiosity is the tactics employed in the game coach Jose Mourinho early morning hrs. Casillas surprised by Mourinho's decision that ordered the punggawanya to play too defensive.

The Spanish national team goalkeeper began to question the strategy of his team to the coach, because they have to swallow defeat in the face of the public itself. Switch-over there is actually three real playmaker midfielder who plays in midfield Madrid.

"We should play with the power we have, they (Barcelona) has only one style of game (Tiki-Taka) and we should also like that," he said as quoted by the United States, Thursday (19/01/2012).

Casillas also complained about the lack of concentration in anticipation of the team dead balls and be the cause of the defeat of his team. Thus, Carlos Puyol's header from a corner kick goal he managed to break guard.

"We've managed to play according to our desire in the first round, but they managed to create goals from dead ball situation, which seems to be a problem for us lately. This is quite disappointing because if we can do marking (foil Puyol goal), then we can achieve better results, "said Casillas. (


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