Sunday, January 29, 2012

Will the 'Domination' Barca End?

SINCE the arrival entranador Pep Guardiola, Barcelona has become a frightening good club in La Liga or the Champions League. But, there is a question whether the dominance that still survive or start to fade away this year?
Actually, the era of the triumph of Barca club began in the 2003 season. At that time, Azulgranas management decided to hire a trainer named Frank Rijkaard. Arrival entranador Dutchman, make Barca won a double winner in the 2004-2005 season.
Rijkaard's presence makes Barca game thick with short balls. Evidently, some degree succeeded powered by it. Having failed to win the title in the 2006-2007 season, management decided to sack Rijkaard and Guardiola replaced by young entranador the 2008 season.
Initially, many are questioning this Barca management decisions. Because, in part circles did not know who that Guardiola. But, it makes more triumphant arrival. The next year 2008-2009, Guardiola managed to dedicate six titles for Barca.
Since then, the dominance of Barca in La Liga and the Champions League is not unstoppable by any team, including Real Madrid. Various attempts have been pursued by Madrid to stop the dominance of Barca. Start bringing the world's most expensive player Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Kaka, until the famous coach Jose Mourinho.
Only in the 2010/2011 season Ronaldo et al break the dominance of Barca, even if it just happened at the Copa del Rey. In the ultimate party, El Madrid managed to topple Barca with 1-0 goal by Ronaldo. But, resistance Los Blancos just leave it at that. While the La Liga title and Champions League, again belongs to Barca.
In this season, Madrid are still trying to break the dominance of enemies. Although only removed by Barca in the Copa del Rey match, but Los Blancos certainly will not stop to destroy Azulgranas triumph in the land of Spain. Indeed, when viewed from the record of the meeting Barca and Madrid in the last three years, Xavi Hernandez et al still dominate over Ronaldo et al.
Evidently, since held by Mourinho, Los Blancos won just one match victory over Barca in El Clasico. Nevertheless, the consistent appearance when viewed from El Real in La Liga, it is not impossible Ronaldo et al managed to win the title. Currently, Madrid's La Liga lead the standings with seven points from the champions.
Barca's defeat was just one time. However, permasalahaannya is, Xavi et al too much to get a draw against mediocre teams. Conversely, if Madrid continue to maintain consistency and achieve victory, it is not impossible Madrid won the La Liga title from the hands of Barca.
So, will the Madrid managed to end the dominance of Barcelona in La Liga this year? Let's wait until the end of the season ...


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