Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mourinho Start Losing Respect from Madrid Players

MADRID - Real Madrid's defeat to Barcelona some time ago turned out to long tails. The atmosphere in the locker room the players began not in harmony.
Unfinished Madrid about the problems caused by stepping on the hands of Pepe Lionel Messi in the match which Real Madrid lost 1-2 at Barca in first leg of the Copa del Rey, on Thursday early yesterday, Madrid re-exposed a rift between Mourinho and his players.
Jose Mourinho as a person deemed most responsible for the defeat of one such, reportedly began to lose respect from his players. As reported by Marca on Monday (1/23/2012), Mou was involved in verbal confrontations with two senior retainer of El Real, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos.
The noise occurs on the Friday practice session that was held Madrid. Mourinho, who reportedly felt betrayed by the comments of the players after the defeat of the Los Blancos, reportedly reprimanded Ramos and Casillas are also satirical.
"You guys kill me with your comments to the press in the mixed zone, 'said Mourinho told Ramos before practice begins.
However, Ramos immediately reprimand Mou replied, "No boss, you only read what is written on the journalist. Not all of the things we say. "
Then, the Portuguese coach Ramos was re-reply to a comment, but this time with a quip and captain of Real Madrid goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. "Sure, your team is world champion Spain, and your friend (Press Spain) to protect you, just as goalkeeper (Casillas)."
The insinuation was heard Casillas within 30 yards, and immediately responded with a loud, "The boss here (Madrid / Spain) we reveal something directly to the front of the person concerned."
Mou does not serve Casilllas chatter and return argument with Ramos by saying, "where you are when the first goal Barca (Puyol's header)? "Keeping Gerard Pique," said Ramos.
However, Mou Ramos attacked again by saying, "you should keep the goal scorer (Puyol)." Ramos, who did not receive any direct blame catapult his defense by saying, "He (Puyol) and distract the defender Pique (Madrid) so as to provide space for others and we must take a decision (to change policies about custody), "said Ramos.
However, Mou was not to be outdone and returned to find fault Ramos, "And after that? Now, you try to be a coach? "Challenged Mou.
Ramos again responded, "No, but considering the game situation, sometimes pentting for players to make their own decisions. After all, you never become a professional player, you may not know that it is sometimes important to do a player, "Ramos strike back.
Still according to Marca, apparently this is not the first time argument Mou involved with the players Madrid. Earlier, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, the players also had annoyed with Mou as saying that the players Madrid did not stop "eating and drinking" during the holidays.
They are also upset with the attitude that reportedly more Mou give special treatment to the contingent of players from Portugal rather than the Spaniard who scattered in Los Merengues squad.
Apart from the heat of Mou relationship with his players, Madrid certainly have come to the headquarters Barcelona at Camp Nou in the second leg Copa del Rey quarterfinals on Thursday (1/26/2012) early morning hrs. Madrid need a victory by a margin of two goals to be advanced to the semifinals. Can, Mou?


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