Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mou: Defeat Only Got One Dad

MADRID - Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho to accept defeat to Barcelona in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey early this morning. Mou with a big heart claimed full responsibility for the defeat.
"The onus is on me, especially when the team kalah.Kemenangan has many fathers, but defeat is only one," said Mourinho after the match. "I've been in football and understand this."
Madrid played under the domination of Madrid during the first half. But through a counter attack to open up Ronaldo took advantage of Los Galacticos 1-0.Sayang, new second-half run, the action Carles Puyol made ​​Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas helpless so that the position of a draw. Madrid was trying to be more pressing. But before the game broke up, Eric Abidal escaped the offside trap, to receive feedback Lionel Messi. Madrid was defeated 1-2.
Consequently, the frustrated fans cheered the troops this Mourinho.Soal Mou only gave cold response. "I know the situation, but I have not heard for sure, both before and after the match," said Mou.
Mourinho also responded Pepe act of stepping on the hands of Barca star Messi sat on the ground after being violated, but this action is not seen by the referee. According to Mou, Pepe could be punished if found guilty.
"I do not see what Pepe lakukan.Saya have to see it. Pepe did a good job for the team, but if something happens, I do not see it, "said Mou." But if that's the case, it could be punished. "


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