Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Although difficult, Madrid Opportunities Still There!"

MADRID - Jose Mourinho is a greatly regretted the defeat of Real Madrid over Barcelona in the Copa del Rey, early this morning. Although aware of his team a chance to escape is very difficult, but trying to remain optimistic Mou.

Madrid suffered huge losses when the counter Barca clash in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals on Thursday (1/19/2012) early this morning. Playing before the public at the Santiago Bernabeu, Los Blancos have to recognize the benefits of Catalan troops to win 2-1, despite initially lagging 0-1.

These results are practically make Madrid an opportunity to get through to the semifinals increasingly steep. Because, in the second leg at the headquarters of Barcelona, 25 January, champion of the Copa del Rey last season must win by two goals difference.

Mourinho was aware of, taking the victory by a margin of two goals at the Camp Nou is not an easy task, given the poor record of Madrid who had never won in the last six games Barca counter.

However, coach nicknamed The Special One seems to still hold the philosophy of 'the ball is round'. He also tried to revive the moral forces which collapsed to play much better at the headquarters of Barcelona and won tickets to the semifinals.

"That obviously would be very difficult (to qualify for the semis). However, there are chances and opportunities we are still open, "said Mourinho was quoted as saying after the game on ESPN, Thursday (01/19/2012).

For now, Mou asked his team to forget for a moment of defeat and mission of revenge over Barca. The coach nicknamed The Special One is asking Cristiano Ronaldo et shifting the focus to the event's La Liga in which Madrid will face tough opponents, Athletic Bilbao this weekend. Victory becomes die price is pegged Mourinho.

"The league is still a top priority and now we must concentrate in the face that is not less difficult game against Bilbao. In this fight, I can not accept defeat, "he said. (ac


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