Thursday, January 5, 2012

Giggs: Forget defeat, Forward to the Future

MANCHESTER - Veteran midfielder Ryan Giggs pump up the spirit of his colleagues pascamenelan defeat from the hands of Newcastle United, three goals without reply in the middle of this week. He called, United must move forward in front of the staring match.

Players from Wales is also sending a message to the entire retainer for the Red Devils promptly forget bad moments that struck in the last two games.

Why not, United had to settle recognize the benefits of Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. Impact, perolahan points they are now getting away from the top standings while the Premier League, Manchester City.

Although in a difficult position, Giggs had no doubt, his team can rise up and turn things around in the second half this season. Giggs believes, all the teams have felt the bitterness of defeat like that of United.

"You can have this evening, no one who loved and wanted. Foam, but it happened," Giggs told softly, Thursday (01/05/2012).

Lesson of the game shown the Magpies, Giggs also give two thumbs up thumbs their captivating performance. "You must give credit to Newcastle. They work hard, to beat us and scored a pair of nice goals. So we just have to accept it and move forward," he said.

Giggs did not deny, St. James Park is a place that is difficult to find numbers. Moreover, United's own play in the under-performing. Consequently, they must be willing to lose three points in away games.

"It's hard to come to this place and achieve victory. We did not play according to capacity and when you do not do that against a team like Newcastle, who appeared on the increase, you always come up and can not develop the game," completion.


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