Sunday, January 29, 2012

As great as Van Basten Ibra

MILAN - AC Milan striker looks neat Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the Rossoneri a 3-0 victory over Cagliari early this morning to invite praise to the skies from Adriano Galliani. CEO Milan Ibra did not even hesitate to equate with Rossoneri legend of Dutch origin, Marco van Basten.
According to Galliani, the Swedish international players continue to show consistent performance and it is quite possible in the future he could become a legend like Van Basten.
"There's no point in talking about Ibrahimovic again, he's a fantastic player, everyone can see it," said Galliani as reported by Goal, Monday (01/30/2012).
"He was amazing, he is so similar to Van Basten," he added.
Ibra scored one goal in Milan's 3-0 win over Cagliari in a match held at the San Siro stadium. The goal was to add pundit-purses former Barcelona player's goals to 15 goals in Serie A.
Milan remains second ranked Serie A standings, they are just one point adrift of league leaders Juventus who also earned full points after the overthrow Udinese 2-1.


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