Sunday, January 15, 2012

This is the reason why Torres Infertility

LONDON - Poor performance of Fernando Torres got the attention of Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola. After observing the appearance Torres direct from Stamford Bridge stadium, Zola immediately find answers to infertility striker is worth 50 million pounds.
Zola is present in the stands when the Blues beat Sunderland 1-0 on Saturday (1/14/2012) ago. Torres contributed a great deal for Chelsea's only goal in the game when akrobatiknya kick hit the crossbar and the ball gag successfully struck by Frank Lampard.
Zola admitted Torres played well in the game. However, if Torres wanted to come back sharply, then Zola suggested the 27-year-old attacker was correct placement position. According to Zola, positioning is the biggest problem Torres.
"I am pleased to see the appearance of Torres. He played very well, "Zola said as quoted by Sky Sports on Monday (1/16/2012). "Only sometimes, I think he made ​​things difficult for himself because he was out of hazardous areas too often," said Zola.
"He's trying to find space on the left and right in when he should be in the middle, where he could get a lot of scoring chances. I think that is the problem, "said Zola.
"He's away from the danger zone, he does not score goals, and his confidence plummeted. It's sad because you can see for themselves how much potential, "concludes the man from Italy who is now 45-year-old unemployed Torres tersebut.Inilah Reasons Why Infertility


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