Sunday, January 15, 2012

No Retirement Messi in Barcelona

BARCELONA - Barcelona Star Lionel Messi recently admitted he was not going to end a football career with the Blaugrana.
Argentina international striker seems to have another dream when he decided to retire. Messi chose to return home to Argentina when he was no longer defend Barca.
"" In Barcelona I feel great and perfect. In Europe I will only play for Barca, but my dream is to retire in Argentina, "Messi said as quoted by Tribalfootball, Wednesday (11/01/2012).
However, Messi quickly clarified his comments, that he would not leave Barcelona in the near future. In fact it could be just a dream, but when will the Blaugrana did not want to use his services again, Argentina is the choice of a player who just won the FIFA Ballon d'Or for the third year in a row.
"For now I am fine here, then we'll see what happens later," he said.
Messi has so far scored 17 goals for Barcelona in La Liga Spain. The amount is less than 4 goals achieved winger Cristiano Ronaldo's Real Madrid scored 21 goals so far this season.


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