Thursday, January 19, 2012

Generate Mental Puyol scored Barca

MADRID - Xavi Hernandez praised the out-performance team captain Carles Puyol who contributed one goal in Barca's 2-1 victory over Real Madrid, early this morning. According to him, Puyol goal raised the retainer mental Blaugrana.

In El Clasico match on the first leg of quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey at the Santiago Bernabeu, early this morning, was distressed because Barca is known to successful Madrid went ahead through a goal machine Cristiano Ronaldo in the first round.

However, in the middle of the impasse of the attackers and Barca midfielder broke through the defense in Madrid, Puyol came to give a solution. The veteran defender successfully evoke confidence his colleagues after a counterweight capable of scoring early in the second half, a header welcomed corner.

This goal proved capable of making the players Barca re confident that eventually succeed to reverse the situation with a goal by Eric Abidal in the 77th minute. Barca were successfully continued its dominance of Madrid, as well as achieve significant capital ahead of home games in the second leg next week.

"It (the goal Puyol) is the goal of mental power. We've discussed it before the game and we managed to do it. We really enjoyed today, "said Xavi Goal quoted as saying on Thursday (1/19/2012).

Furthermore, Xavi also believes that his team always has a way to win the game, although the game early this morning, Madrid apply many strategies. Start pressing tight to accumulate behind the player.

"We played the way in which we all know what we should do. They had put a lot of players behind the ball, but they still conceded and it benefited us, "he concluded.


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