Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ask QPR Ferdinand remained with Terry Handshake

LONDON - Queens Park Rangers Game cons Chelsea in the FA Cup fourth round this weekend certain to be a hot place. Especially when the trigger is not meeting Anton Ferdinand and John Terry in the Blues camp.

QPR match Chelsea counter which will be held at Loftus Arena on Saturday (28/01/2012) later, again reminiscent of racist incidents made ​​the Terry Ferdinand when the two teams clash in the Premier League is ending 0-0.

Given up to now has not been punished Terry, Ferdinand seemed to be the captain was being sarcastic. However, QPR camp does not seem to want more turbid atmosphere and asked the younger brother of Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand is still upholds spotifitas.

Goal was quoted as saying on Tuesday (1/24/2012), QPR camp suggested that Ferdinand still shake hands with Terry as a main ceremony is usually done before the match.

However if in the end Ferdinand decided not shake Terry's hand, then it will be the second time for the England defender gets a rejection. Previously, Terry also had received a refusal to shake the hands of Manchester City defender Wayne Bridge, in the aftermath of an affair with her ​​former lover Terry.

Back to the QPR game contra contra Chelsea, the committee reportedly will provide extra security by increasing the number of police personnel and supervisory personnel match (steward). Meanwhile, the English Football Federation (FA) will also be sent some spies to monitor the game.


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