Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mourinho Aims Chair Mancini at City

MADRID - Speculation related to the future of Jose Mourinho's getting confusing. The latest news mentions, coach of Real Madrid's Roberto Mancini was eyeing seats in the squad for Manchester City.

In recent years, Mourinho is kept exposed to the issue would leave the Santiago Bernabeu. The Portuguese coach is reportedly already can not stand the pressure obtained from the media and fans of El Real, so plan to leave Real Madrid at the end of this season.

Speculation began to blow a club that would be associated port Mou career. Starting from Inter Milan to Chelsea reportedly going to be a club that will be re-trained coach nicknamed The Special One.

However, recently a new speculation. As quoted in the Sunday Mirror, on Monday (1/30/2012), Mourinho reportedly eyeing the chair seat coach Roberto Mancini at Manchester City.

Mancini conditions in the City known to the middle depressed following the failure of City won titles in two arena, namely the FA Cup and Carling Cup. Now, allenatore Italian is expected to provide two titles in the event, namely the Premier League and Europa League.

If Mancio-friendly greeting, Mancini failed to provide two trophies at the event, then most likely the owner of The Citizens, Sheik Mansour will melengserkannya of coaching chair.

With the ambition BESA diusungnya, Sheik Mansour lobbied Mourinho would also seem to return to the Premier League and menukangi City. If that happens, then Mou for the second time will displace the position of Mancini after the earlier it happens at Inter Milan


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