Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fatigue, Wenger Rotation Players

LONDON - Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said his players felt tired and will do a rotation player in the face of the Carling Cup on Tuesday (11/29/2011) later.
Although opponents faced Arsenal in the quarterfinals later the Premier League standings, namely Manchester City. However, this decision should be taken of The Professor, in order to maintain fitness of the retainer for the Gunners.
"Many of our players are starting to feel tired mind and physical exhaustion. For that, I will make changes to the starting line-up, when faced with City later, "Wenger said as reported by Emirates 247, Sunday (11/27/2011).
Fatigue is also seen in a game against Fulham in the Premier League last night. Where, Arsenal almost lost points, after being held 1-1 by Fulham at the Emirates Stadium. Simultaneously extend the record of 11 games without tasting defeat.
"Wednesday to Saturday are very close, even the shortest of what we get. But that's not our reason. We wanted to stay in the Champions League, when you have to cry even in a state of fatigue, "he said.


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