Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Liverpool vs Manchester City in Semifinal carling cup

LONDON - Carling Cup semifinal draw was held immediately after the match finished in the quarterfinals held. Draw together two teams Premier League and Championship division team.

Arrested after ousting Manchester United at Old Trafford Crystal Palace, early this morning into the ultimate game in the quarterfinal. A day earlier, three semi-finalist teams have been known. They are Manchester City (beating Arsenal 1-0), Liverpool (beat Chelsea 2-0) and Cardiff City, which eliminated Blackburn Rovers.

In the lottery that was held some time after the party ended United's counter Palace 2-1 to the visitors' victory over an extended time, the opponent gets Palace balanced ie Cardiff City. With this result, one of the team competition England's second caste is certainly reserved a ticket final at Wembley.

It is also common in the draw for the other semi-final match, in which two Premier League clubs will elbow each other to fight a ticket to the finals. Yes, Liverpool and Manchester City will fight in the last four. The first leg will be held at the headquarters of City in January next year.

These results as well as provide opportunities for both teams to show who is better between them. Previously, the City and Liverpool also briefly clashed at Etihad Stadium in the Premier League continued last weekend. In the match, both teams had to settle for a 1-1 draw.


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