Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Barca Do not Say It's The End

BARCELONA - Barcelona Once hit in one game, a number of responses and comments coming, especially related to competition for the title with his rival, Real Madrid. But Johan Cruyff appealed, Barcelona do not just give up.
Moreover, according to former Barcelona player and coach, it is still a long way this season. So, 'pamali' if Barca immediately removed from the list of candidates winning the title this season. Barca will rise and the title is also not yet certain because it is still early to predict everything.
"There are four titles that competed this year, and Barca have not lost the opportunity for all," said Cruyff, as disitat Emirates 24 / 7, Tuesday (29/11/2011).
"I do not know why many people are so obsessed with the defeat of Barca and the title is too early," added Catalonia national team coach and technical director of Ajax Amsterdam.
Indeed, the Blaugrana 0-1 defeat to Getafe last weekend led to the discourse about the title race. But according to former Dutch national team Captain, the quality of the Barca will not be destroyed just because of one defeat.
"Everything is exaggerated. It seems that the public did not know much about the qualities of Barca. Everything will not go bad in the future, simply because they lost in one game, "added the winner three times European Footballer of it.


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