Monday, November 28, 2011

Still Calciopoli Scandal Continues in Investigate

ROME - Calciopoli scandal that is now crowded again discussed not over yet. The case is even more widespread, because not only invite the attention of the FIGC (Italian Football Federation), but also the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI).

As is known, match-fixing scandal, or better known Calciopoli conducted Juventus in 2006, re-surfaced. Especially when the trigger instead of finding new evidence by camp Juve, Inter Milan who were dragging the scandal was uncovered, received an abundance of Juve's Scudetto.

In the new evidence in the form of telephone conversations conducted by the Inter officials as club president Giacinto Fachetti and Massimo Moratti, the Juve demanded that the Italian football authorities dismantle the case. Lega Calcio own party responded by holding a trial. However, the results of the trial time did not make the Bianconeri satisfied, because the Lega Calcio terrsebut case could not proceed because it is considered expired.

Camp Juve not giving up and bringing cases to a higher level of the CONI. Juve demands were met by officials CONI, Gianni Petruci in this case as the president and President of the FIGC Giancarlo Abete. To dig deeper into the information or evidence is needed, the CONI and FIGC will hold a meeting to be held, Wednesday, December 14 next.

"There will be a meeting to discuss and deepen the information about the problem of Italian football," said the CONI cited Football-Italy, Monday (28/11/2011).

In this meeting, CONI and FIGC will call the clubs involved in the scandal. Apart from Juve and Inter who were hostile, a number of other clubs are also thought to be involved and could be punished as Fiorentina, Lazio and AC Milan will also be invited to this meeting.


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