Monday, November 28, 2011

Tim Howard: Everton Distracted Do not!

Tim Howard Everton's squad hopes to stay focused and maintain their performance.

Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard to ask it not complacent after a victory won two consecutive Premier League.

As you know, after suffering five defeats in six games in the Premier League, David Moyes squad care began to rise with membekuk Wolverhampton and Bolton.

"We try not to get too carried away euphoria as this all may be lost in an instant," he told the Liverpool Echo.

"From one week to next week, your emotions go up, then down. If we win, to be extraordinary session and everything is happy. If we lose, you will feel the pressure."

"We became stronger and stronger, and since I'm here, we begin to respond positively to heavy periods. We had a very bad series of games, but after two games, everything looks fine."

"We won twice in a row, it is very difficult in this league, and you immediately rush up to the top of the standings."


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