Monday, November 28, 2011

Answer Beckham Transfer Problem Normative Issues

JAKARTA - The LA Galaxy midfielder David Beckham is not ready to decide his future, when asked where to be anchored at the club since his contract with the United States was to expire in December 2011.
Former Real Madrid courtier was admitted still focus with Asia-Pacific tour which traveled club today and passing game later with enthusiasm.
"We came here to play, now, I play in LA Galaxy and for the future I do not know will play where," Beckham said in a press conference at the Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, Monday (11/28/2011).
"Currently, I have to go through this game. It's an important game to win," he continued.
In addition, after his return to Jakarta, Beckham also grateful for the reception he gets when arriving in Jakarta. Former Manchester United player was also pleased with the support of fans in Indonesia and want to entertain them.
"I am grateful for the support, for the fans who supported me or the team. We want to get support from all over the world, so we have to play well," he said.
"I've never been to Indonesia for a holiday, but had never played football in Indonesia. We are delighted with the welcome we received at the airport, very nice," he said.


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