Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AVB Support Ask The Fans

LONDON - Chelsea coach, Andre Villas-Boas expects that the fans continue to support them at Stamford Bridge. This was following a 0-2 defeat of Liverpool in the Champions League Cup on Wednesday (30/11/2011).

"We desperately need the support of the fans when playing at home. I know and can you feel, if you become nervous at Stamford Bridge when Chelsea play barn, but we need their full support, "he explained as quoted by The Guardian, Wednesday (11/30/2011).

"Maybe that's the only way we could get out of this period, because by building a strong atmosphere of various aspects," he added.

The former Porto coach is admitted if their home record is very different when they play poorly in the cage opposite.

"Playing at home in an opponent, we are always solid, statistically as well as a team. That is a fact. Unlike when we were playing at home, we were not good enough, "he said.

Villas-Boas began a little worried about the next match at Stamford Bridge as the Blues entertain Valencia. Such action is as a determinant of them to qualify for the Champions League last 16.

"The Champions League is a competition between life and death for us. We must be able to increase the tempo and play a match against Valencia with considerable passion, "he said.


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