Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Retired United at Old Trafford

MANCHESTER - The big surprise came when United entertain Crystal Palace in the Carling Cup quarterfinal. Unexpectedly, United predicted would win easily, actually buried in his own headquarters at Old Trafford Stadium.Previously, United predicted would easily penetrate the semi-finals, after the drawing is only dealing with Crystal Palace that in fact the division championship team. United drew relatively easier than Chelsea, who must give up in the hands of Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester City should recognize the benefits, early yesterday.However, the lottery is not always easily predictable place easy for United. In their pride Stadium, Sir Alex Ferguson fleet rather should languish after removed Palace with a score of 2-1, in extra-time period.Entertain Palace at Old Trafford, United's reserves fell by the majority of players, received fierce opposition from the Palace. Although superior in ball possession, but United have always failed to maximize every opportunity they get. The three striker Fergie derived, namely Dimitar Berbatov, Federico Macheda and Mame Diouf failed to beat goalkeeper Palace, Lewis Price. As a result, the score 0-0 glasses aka survive until the interval.In the second half, United continued to show its dominance, while at other camps Palace still able to trouble United's defense through quick counter-attack scheme.Disaster for United came in the 65th minute, when Darren Ambrose kicks off distance weir failed in Ben Amos and lodged a landslide into the top corner. The whole Old Trafford Stadium dipenuh the majority of United fans were stunned to see his favorite team behind 0-1.However, United responded quickly. Three minutes later, Kiko Macheda making the position again at 1-1 after maximizing the referee awarded a penalty. Own penalty awarded by referee following the imposition of Macheda Palace defender, McCarthy.Draw position makes the game more interesting. Both teams alternated offensive. Unfortunately, until the referee blew the long whistle signaled the end of the game, both teams unable to score additional goals. Games must also be followed by 2x15 minute of extra time.United back appeared dominant in this critical phase. Darron Gibson could make the home fans hold their breath after his shot just sideways to the net. However, the time was busy attacking, United had to return surprised by the Palace goal.This time it was born from Glenn Murray scored a measurable success maximizes the bait the first goal scorer, Darren Ambrose in the 99th minute. Goal that brought Palace winning 2-1 was also welcomed approximately 5000 hysterical fans who come to the Theatre of Dreams.Back left, scored United's working hard to balance in the remaining 21 minutes remaining. Unfortunately, of the many opportunities available, the courtier United failed to convert them into goals. United's 1-2 defeat forced to follow Chelsea and Arsenal which had already eliminated.Line Up:Manchester United: Amos, Rafael, Evans, Smalling, Fabio, Valencia, Gibson, Park, Diouf, Berbatov, MachedaCrystal Palace: Price, Clyne, Wright, McCarthy, Gardner, Dikgacoi, Scannell, Zaha, Easter, Moxey, O'Keefe


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