Sunday, November 27, 2011

Robin van Persie City Prepare to Replace Tevez

MANCHESTER - The club, which has unlimited funds in the Premier League, Manchester City, will target Arsenal striker Robin van Persie (RVP). Reportedly, the RVP is a suitable player to replace Carlos Tevez.
Since Tevez will be kicked from Etihad Stadium due to naughty behavior. City will prepare the RVP to replace Tevez up front The Citizens.
As reported Emirates 247, City seems to be taking advantage of Van Persie who is only 18 months left on his contract again and until now both sides (RVP-Arsenal) have yet to find a contract extension agreement.
Previously, Edinson Cavani a coveted City, but the game is slick Dutch striker in a few games make The Citizens interested. Worse yet, RVP has collected 35 goals from 36 matches this season and make a club owned by Sheikh Maosour increasingly tempted.
In addition, the City prepared to offer a salary of 200 thousand Pounds per week to the RVP. But, the City is willing to wait until summer is over, when the RVP sale price dropped dramatically to 30 million Pounds.
During the defense of the Gunners since 2004, RVP only win the FA Cup in season 2005. He also has been diving with a total of 169 party scored 79 goals during the red-white-clad


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