Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Berlusconi Want to Return As President Milan

MILAN - AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi said he would again take the role as president of the club AC Milan. Berlusconi even feel his achievements as president of AC Milan no one can rival.
Berlusconi is still serving his life as president of AC Milan. However, due to preoccupation as Prime Minister of Italy, he chose to leave office and give confidence to carry out their duties Adriano Galliani to lead AC Milan.
"Will I go back role as president of Milan? Surely, I will take back the position of president as soon as possible, "said Silvio Berlusconi in a presentation book, quoted from Football-Italy, Wednesday (11/30/2011).
AC Milan is one of the most successful team in Italy, which stood at more than 30 trophies. Not only that, AC Milan and Boca Juniors is the most successful club in the world for the size of the international competition with a record 14 European trophies and four world championship trophy, it is also proud of Berlusconi.
"I was the president who has won the most trophies than any other in the history of football. Santiago Bernabeu, which was ranked second in the list of trophies won half of the amount I get, "he said


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