Sunday, November 27, 2011

Barca and Real Madrid Will Avoid United

MANCHESTER - Following struggled seoknya trip to Manchester United in Group C, Champions League, will take effect concerns. In addition to United, the anxiety will hit the other strong teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Because, if United qualify for the last 16 of the runner-up status groups are likely to meet strong teams occupants other group winners. Barcelona and Real Madrid have confirmed this, and it is believed, the two Spanish giants, hoping not met in the early phase of the Red Devils knock out.
At least, the discourse was delivered by United's chief executive, David Gill. United boss not worried about his team. But Gill realized, a 2-2 draw with Benfica, United's difficult position, for topping the group.

"Well, end group in the first place, would be very difficult now. We need a big win over Basel, while (Otelul) Galati must win against Benfica, because we would lose if the reference head to head against Benfica, if Galati fail, "said Gill, as quoted Goal Sunday (27/11/2011).
"Yes, certainly we would have most likely against Barcelona or Real Madrid, but I'm sure they do not want to face Manchester United in the last 16," said Gill again.
Despite being rushed, the Red Devils remain a scourge that must be avoided at the European level. A winning mentality, character and tradition, has always been its own power for Wayne Rooney et al. Of course, the team at Barca and Madrid are eager scramble Champions trophy, do not want to see another kind of giant United.
Nevertheless, Gill still can not do anything because the drawing will take full control, against whom United's next opponents in the knockout phase. United will face a strong team, if it ultimately had to settle for runner-up Group occupies.
"We certainly believe it will move to the next round. But in the end, you'll never know, how the results drawingnya, "complete Gill.


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