Monday, November 28, 2011

Not Shown in Europe benefited Juventus

Naples - Walter Mazzarri admitted the players exhausted from struggling in the Champions League. These conditions create a graph of Naples tend to fall lately.
Another case with Juventus, who will be the opponent Partenopei, early morning. Bianconeri only focus on the Serie A so under these circumstances favorable Nazzarri Antonio Conte farm team. Juventus have more rest time than Napoli.
"Juventus have one week to each of their matches, while we did not. They ran 1000 miles per hour, "said Mazzarri told La Gazzetta dello Sport on Tuesday (11/29/2011).
Although his team fatigue, Mazzarri optimistic Edinson Cavani et al can get back to victory lane that begins in the game against La Vecchia Signora.
"Despite the fatigue, I believe we can maintain a high tempo. Also, tomorrow's a new game of the 12th so everything is still possible, "concluded Mazzarri.


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