Tuesday, November 29, 2011

League Cup: Liverpool Chelsea disgrace

The Reds cruised into the semi-final of the League Cup after humiliating Chelsea 2-0 at Stamford Bridge.
Goals from Maximiliano Rodriguez and Martin Kelly brings Liverpool's 2-0 win against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the English League Cup match on Wednesday (30/11) pm dawn. With this victory, the Reds right to advance to the semi-final of the League Cup.

Shown in front of loyal supporters, the Blues can not do much to face Kenny Dalglish's squad. Efforts to push into the heart of Liverpool's defense always foundered in the middle of the road.

In contrast, Liverpool could give surprise to the home team when it entered the 23rd minute. Andy Carroll Chelsea goalkeeper was escorted by Ross Turnbull. But the goal was disallowed as the linesman raised the flag first off-side.

Throughout the first 45 minutes of this, both teams trying to push each other. Unfortunately, no one goal can be achieved from this round.

The impasse was only able to run the game it quits after 59 minutes. Rodriguez appeared as a goalscorer for Liverpool. The Argentine is by carefully releasing the left foot shot from a distance of about six yards. The ball which flows into the left corner of goal that can not be anticipated well by Turnbull. Liverpool winning 1-0.

After they conceded, Chelsea tried to get up. But the home team's effort nonetheless stuck to dismantle the Reds defense is solid.

In the midst of efforts to equalize the score, Chelsea actually even re-pierced. Martin Kelly's header in the 63rd minute back again rattled the opponent's goal.

The Chelsea players looked stunned and frustrated. Enterprises also can not retaliate goals to fruition. Chelsea were forced to surrender.


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