Monday, November 28, 2011

Gary Neville: Roman Abramovich must backs Andre Villas-Boas

Gary Neville judge's time to replace Chelsea players if they can not follow the style of play brought by Andre Villas-Boas.
Legend of Manchester United's Gary Neville judge Roman Abramovich must fully support the performance of the new Chelsea coach Andre Villas-Boas.

Neville claimed Abramovich must understand, style of play brought by Villas-Boas was adapted by the Chelsea players.

"Villas-Boas wanted to play with different styles, hit your opponent with aggressive defense that rose to the front. And he wants the player a lot of the ball in midfield and played more attacking. He should be given the opportunity to finalize the style, even when some old player who has difficulty to adapt, "he told The Mail on Sunday.
"This is a battle where the Villas-Boas should be allowed to win, and if the players are not able to adapt, then maybe sudha's time to replace those players."

"If Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has common sense, he would support the Villas-Boas. He brought her here to do the job and now he must let it finish its job. You have to think calmly and analyzed with common sense."


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