Monday, November 28, 2011

Klose Ever Reject rich team

ROME - Miroslav Klose admits that they are very motivated in football. In fact, he had refused offers of rich clubs from Russia in order to prove its capacity at the level above.
Klose received many offers from clubs in the transfer market last summer because his contract with Bayern Munich out. However, the German international striker was eventually chose anchored in Lazio, although he got a big offer from another club.
"I could have moved to Russia, get more money and feel more relaxed," said Klose told the Corriere dello Sport on Tuesday (29/11/2011).
"But I chose another option and joined Lazio," said striker born 33 years ago.
"I'm hungry to play football and really wanted to win. I need a challenge and Lazio great challenge for me, "lid Klose.
Less than one season in Serie A, Klose has managed to steal the hearts Laziale to record six goals in 11 games. Recently Klose also hopes to end his career with Biancoceleste.


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