Monday, November 28, 2011

Reluctant Neymar Handled Jose Mourinho

In Santos, Neymar can play at will. Something that would not he met at Real Madrid.
Luiz Ribeiro, president of Santos, said Neymar not want to play with clubs that are handled the temperamental coach like Jose Mourinho.

"He grew up with the club and a club that treats players dealt with love," said Ribeiro.

"Neymar not ready to walk to Real Madrid, and played under coach Jose Mourinho - temperamental coach," he continued.
In Santos, still according to Ribeiro, Neymar playing the ball as he wishes. In Madrid, Neymar can not just dribble. He must play with the desired schema coach.

"One more thing, Neymar can not be far away from both parents and his grandmother," Ribeiro end.


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