Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guti Tatap Asia

MADRID- Although claimed to have retired from the world of football, the former Real Madrid star Guti still want to keep playing. Continental Europe is not incarannya anymore, because he will continue the footballing career to the continent of Asia.
35-year midfielder was reportedly docked before returning to La Liga, after a year playing to strengthen the Turkish club, Besiktas. But now he has announced that he was interested in playing for one club in Asia.
"I want to clarify that I am retiring from Spain and Europe. If I keep playing, then I'm going to Asia, because the dream I want to go to Asia and learn a new culture, "said Guti, like disitat Yahoo Sports on Wednesday (11/30/2011).
Guti is one player Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu sparkling. For 15 years (1995-2010) he faithfully defended the Los Blancos with 400 appearances and has contributed 46 goals.
While in Besiktas Guti only defending the Turkish club for a year. Of the 23 appearances for the club is nicknamed The Black Eagle, nicknamed Besiktas Guti only accounted for seven goals.


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